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Submitted on
October 8, 2007
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                                                  let me go...

what's the benefit of change?

At exactly 5:34 a.m.,
there's still a vigor in me.

, shrouded by the bedsheets
under the core of a darkened sky;
the rims dipped in a slight gold.

the conscience is a precious and mighty dictator.

the eyes are shut,
the doors are shut,
the hands are shut,
the flight to a drunk crossover between fantasy and memory has begun.

there's an intoxicated sliver of love
standing as the smoking building downs,
there's a ceiling of pulsing veins
pumping the necessities of like through them, the misery and vivaciousness;

I've divorced logic.
Lust has been my lover;
I see undoubtedley that my intentions and affections were pure,
though my actions may have been faulty.

The role of mediocrity and characterlessness
is easy to play
the dullness that decrees
is apparent each day,
at least from blurry, determined vision.

my only way of expressing culmination
sifting and settling like heavy fog,

fair skin
gentle hair
oceanic eyes
tender fingers
those sweet, soft lips whispered sharply in my ear:


                                                                                           "I'm not real - "

                                                                       and the features dissapeared.

At exactly 5:48 a.m.,
there's still a vigor in me,

just as spots of the conscience are materializing back,
and sorely grasp the realization
that the only things currently real
are the exhaustion caking my eyes,
and the whimper on my mouth.

the guest bed is more comfortable, but doesn't aid much. ah well!
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I don't know what to be astounded more by... the sheer feeling of this or just how much people may miss. Both things are beautiful, as well as opportunity. So lovely. I am impressed.
thank you very much.. :blushes: such a lovely comment from a brilliant writer like you is extremely appreciated, i'm very flattered! :cuddle:
i like this one and i understood. mostly. i think. i can relate as well that weird part of sleep where ur half in dream half out. nice poetic feel to it
ps omg u said "ah well" thats my thing
thanks! yeah, i get that odd feeling between dream/reality, too.

haha... oh, um, sorry? i thought i'd been saying it a while... ahh, sorry, if you don't want me to say it, i won't!
lol alright i was being sacacstic im not mad
oh, oh, oh... okay, good! *whew*
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